The Chair

I’m not that big of an interior designer.  Who’s kidding?  I’m not one at all.  But I love to fill my house with uniqueness and color.  Awhile ago, I put out a request for my auction-going parents to look for one of those old kitchen stools from Cosco that has the steps that fold in.  I thought it would work well in the kitchen for long prep work and all my little helpers to use.  Well, my mom followed through and actually found one in pretty good shape.  DSC_1799

Okay, it was ugly and needed some work but the bones were in great shape.

I love to add my own personal touch to things but I was stumped as to what color I should paint it.  So, I sent out a plea on Facebook for my friends to weigh in and let me know their thoughts on the color.  Forty-five comments later…I still couldn’t decide.  Off to the hardware store we went with fabric in tow.  As a side note, I think that is the most comments I have gotten on one post!  Way to go FB peeps!



I know all my Facebook fashion friends are sitting on the edge of their seat wanting desperately to see what I chose.  Let me first say that the color was mainly chosen because it matched the closest.  That being said, it’s a flat paint and it may be updated to a different color at some point in the near future.

Here it is:



And here’s what I did.

First, I sanded down the entire metal.  Liam helped me remove the screws and pop the tabs on the seat cushions.  That took a bit of muscle and team work.

Then it was outside to spray paint.


With a little help.DSC_1804


After removing the old fabric, I used spray adhesive to adhere the new fabric.   And clothespins.  Lots of them.



Then it was time to fold metal tabs and put it all back together. I would love to get new rubber mats but we’ll see.


I purchased laminated/vinyl fabric to help it last a bit longer.  There is an Etsy shop, Laminates, that has a ton to choose from.  I bought two 18X20 squares and that was just the right amount.

I love having it.  I’ll pull it up to the counter to do some recipe searches and the kids enjoy climbing on it to work.  It’s even been a discipline stool too!



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