Thinking Pills???

This is how my day has started off:

“I need to go potty.” Sits there and then continues to tee-tee on his chair as I yell, Go!

“Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?”–Ace


“They’re clean?”

“Yes, they’re still clean.”

“So, are the dishes clean?”


Thirty seconds later, Zoe is excused from the table and she proceeds to go to the dishwasher, open it up and starts to put her bowl in.

“Zoe, the dishes are still clean!”

Liam’s emptying the dishwasher and I tell him to get a chair so he can stand up and put away the forks, knives, etc.

“A chair?”

“Yes, a chair. Please go get a chair.”

“Is this a chair?” Pointing to what he knows is a stool.

“No, that’s a step stool. Please, go get a chair.”

Walks over to the kitchen table and points.

“Want me to get a chair?”

“That’s what I said, sweetheart. Please get a chair and bring it over here.” Add the extra direction just to make sure he could understand…yeah, right.

“A chair?”


Passes three chairs closest to him and walks to the next to farthest away from the kitchen area.

“Uhhh, can’t get it.” As he struggles to pull the chair.

I’ve lost total patience with lack of thinking today and inform him, ever so politely to get another chair…preferably one closest to the kitchen area.

Finally, we’re done with chores today. I hope they take their thinking pills before school time!

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