The time has come, the time is now…

Josiah’s now in his room with “the boys.” We’ll see how it goes. We did some “creative” rearranging to fit the glider in there to help with getting him asleep.

And, since he’s decided that grabbing for mom and dad’s food is fun and he’s starting to fuss when he sees us eat, we’ll start baby food on Saturday.

He started on Thanksgiving day intently watching Mark eat his yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Today at supper, he grabbed my hand and was pulling it and my food forcefully to his mouth! Definitely interested.

We’ll see how he feels about oatmeal and applesauce (at least the applesauce is homemade) come Saturday!

His little body is working so hard on that second tooth. I can see the outline of it but it still hasn’t broken through the gums. It’s making him grumpy and he’s not sleeping well with it.

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