To the Country

Top priority this year was to go see the EC.  That’s short for Mark’s brother and his family.  The kids were blessed to spend time with them while we traveled back and forth to Ukraine and frankly, Mark and I were jealous.  We needed some niece and nephew time and good ol’ visiting with Mark’s brother and wife.

In January, we were off.  We spent three and half days with eighteen children and four adults under one roof.  Oh yes we did.  Our kids were a blast!  And Mark and I got in our much needed visiting time!

A and Emmie had so much fun with the babies. Of course, reading books was a favorite.  Josiah with cousin H. Games were a must.

Mark got a great panorama shot of family worship!

My niece G.  Our nieces are growing into some pretty amazing young ladies! Liam and Uncle B had a good round of Uno.

This year the EC asked for really nice swings for Christmas so they could read outside.  Mark and Uncle B installed them while we visited.  And of course we all had to test them out.


The EC have a great piece of property which includes goats, chickens, cows, cats and a dog.  While we were there, Uncle B came home from a vet call with a calf who didn’t look like it was going to make it.  The kids absolutely loved spending time on the farm and feeding the animals.  And, as of last report, we were informed the calf was doing good and thriving.

As you can imagine, leaving the farm is tough.  Really, leaving the cousins is tough.  They made a ton of memories and it’s such a blessing to see cousins that get along…even if they (along with a sibling) leave you stranded at the pond to find your own way home.  I continue to pray that they will all stay close as they grow up.

While we visited, we crashed a birthday party (with permission of the hosts) of some of their friends.  It was a great time meeting new people and watching a bonfire!

I could not have imagined a better visit.  We’re waiting ever so impatiently until we can see them all again!


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