We have some friends who have bought a house about seven down from us. We’re excited because they have two little ones and one on the way.

Anyway, they haven’t moved in yet because it was a “repo” house and they had to do a lot of work to it (the previous owners took faucet fixtures, light fixtures, a toilet, and other things). So, their plan is to move in on Saturday. Carpet goes in on Friday and then move. Well, the mom needed a break and needed to get the closets painted (yucky ugly closets just don’t go with freshly painted walls…I love freshly painted closets it just makes you feel better to know your clean clothes are in a clean closet). Back to my story now, so I watched her two kids.

Yes, I had six children in my home five and under. It took them 15 minutes to have Zoe’s room so covered that you couldn’t see the floor. And in those 15 minutes I believe I broke up about 500 fights…I don’t understand how my kids can lose all social etiquettes when friends come to play. I guess it’s their age and their stuff playing a factor. What was so bad is that our visitors were somewhat descent. My kids were yelling and not sharing and hitting…ugghhhh.

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