A Trip to Washington D.C. Day 6

Day 6 was a trip to the outlets in the morning. Liam lost his paci and was grumpy the whole time, but I got a lot of good deals on clothes for next season and beyond.

We met Mark at a metro stop in the evening and trekked in the freezing cold to the WWII Memorial. On the way, we saw the White House and the National Monument! Zoe and Ace were really impressed with the size of the National Monument. Mark took this great picture of the White House and showed just a great little glimpse of all the beautiful trees changing color.
This picture of the National Monument was at sunset while we were at the Memorial. From one side of the Memorial, you could see the Monument and when you turned the other way, you could see the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial. Both were very beautiful. You can probalby see the Memoria sunset picture better if you click on it.

This is part of the WWII Memorial looking from the Pacific side to the Atlantic. It was absolutely beautiful and a great way to honor our soldiers and families who participated in the war. For those that don’t know, my (Abbie’s) grandfather, served in the Navy during WWII and was still overseas when my dad was born in July of ’45. This was a neat way to remember my grandfather and all the many sacrifices he and countless others made. I wanted to go see the WWI memorial, which I’ve read has not been taken care of nor is it as large as this memorial, but we didn’t have time and it was VERY cold!

So, back to the metro we went to thaw out and meet Mark’s coworkers for Barbecue. It was Memphis style from Red, Hot, & Blue. Not quite like good old Georgia Southern Barbecue but pretty good. Here are all the guys (plus Jackie and Julie) that traveled to work in DC for the week.

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