Tuesday’s Construction Update

**Note: I’m basically posting these pictures, updates, because I think our nephew Jonathan would enjoy all this “boy” stuff…but I have to apologize to him because I am not very good with construction terms. I realized yesterday, we do not have a lot of “construction” vehicles or books…oops!

They came right at 8 on Tuesday with a big digger thingy and Zoe and Ace were amazed. Zoe’s comment was, “It’s bigger than our car.” Dug holes and put in steel rods and left. Not sure what’s next.

The big digger thingy! Mr. Bill called it a hoe.

Ace watching the hoe. He was wide eyed but didn’t want to get too close. He saw one of the guys using his shovel and told me he had one and had to grab it. I think he really wanted to help!

The base for our foundation. I took the opportunity while they worked to talk to Zoe about the wise man and foolish man building their homes…as Jesus talked about in the Bible. It helped her get it and I enjoyed throwing in the Scripture to teach her about building!

Prince Ace is breaking up dirt clods. As he threw them down he yelled, “It bwoke!”

And that’s the work for Day one of our construction!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Construction Update

  1. Dear Aunt Abbie,
    Thank you for putting these pictures on the blog. I really enjoyed them. The machine you saw is called a back hoe. Love, Jonathan

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