Two Losses

I’ve mentioned before about Baby Emma, one of our minister’s new daughters. She has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes her to break out in blisters. She is just one month old, and has been in and out of the hospital three times. She is currently in the hospital with an infection in the sores. There are three forms of this disorder. She has the intermediate form which means that she will always have these sores. Please pray for her, her parents, and the rest of the family. We are so blessed to have healthy children. My heart breaks for this family. They’ve lost the ideal for the perfect baby, perfect family.

Another family that I have been reading about here, has been experiencing another form of loss. Todd Smith is a member of the Christian music group Selah. He and his wife recently lost their fourth baby two and half hours after she was born. Their story is below. For anyone that is dealing with the loss, especially surrounding their children, their story brings true encouragement from God’s Word!

Smith Family Story from Matthew Singleton on Vimeo.

One thought on “Two Losses

  1. With tears, I have one word for this video…powerful. Todd said something that is so true but so hard for us to understand – “God is going to do what brings HIM the most glory, even if it hurts us”. We can’t see the big picture, but we do know that God is God. It’s our faith that is stretched in situations when we can’t see the reason for things happening the way they do. This video was very good in the way it brought all things back to God and His perfect plan for our lives. Thanks for sharing Abbie.

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