Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. It’s been very crazy here. I’ll try and get pictures from February (not a lot) up by the en do fthe week.

Here is a quick update on what’s been going on:

February 16th-18th: Mark and I disappeared for the weekend to Hilton Head to a marriage retreat…yummy fun time while the kids played and played with their grandparents. I got some great deals on clothes for all of us at the outlets, too! And I found a maternity swimsuit that did not try to show off too much…more on that later!
February 18th-20th: Ace proceeded to pitch a three day fit that consisted of screams and cries every time we said anything to him.
February 21st: Mark took off with two staff members from WABC to Creative Church Conference in Dallas, TX. He had two days saturated in leadership training and “thinking outside the box” when it comes to worship/tech stuff. Needless to say he loved it.
February 23rd: I headed alone to my parents home where Liam, within minutes of being there, fell out of a chair (getting a bruise above his eye), did a belly flop off of the slide (busting his bottom lip), falling off the playfort steps (no visible bruising there), and falling and hitting his cheek on a chair (leaving a little strawberry mark on his cheek). Picked up Mark from the airport that night and we stayed up talking until about midnight!
February 24th: Headed home trying to get our house in order to sign papers for our construction loan…only to find out it was a no go because a notary couldn’t be found.
February 25th: What a great day to worship God! We had no illnesses and could all go to church as a family. Next Sunday is the big day that WABC will be going to 2 services! I’m helping in the nursery area with registery and greeting new people! Going to be a very busy day. Noticed Liam’s eyes were a little gunky and red but dismissed it that they were just irritated from the weekends “mis” adventures!
Feburayr 26th: MOPS Day! I love craft day at our MOPS meetings, I really get to visit and get to know the moms in our group. So much fun. Liam’s eyes look a little worse (more red and more green stuff oozing out) after we go out to lunch with Miss Tracy. I call the doctor but she was full for the afternoon and she was at the after hours clinic so we wait. Find out my uncle passed away and begin making plans to take a trip to Alabama for the funeral on Wednesday. Take Liam in when Mark gets home. She was VERY busy…I hated bringing him in for such a minor thing, but I knew I would not have time tomorrow with everything going on. He has adnovirus (not sure that’s spelled right) in which pink eye can be one of the symptoms. He also had an ear infection (which Mom and I noticed he was playing with his ear a lot). So, he’s on drops twice a day for the eyes, and an oral antibiotic for his little ear. First big antibiotic illness besides a little sinusitis a looong while ago.

Zoe’s speech update: You should hear this girl talk now. Several sounds are coming out and she is learning to self correct! I am praying we’ll be done with speech by the end of May. My best friend said she noticed Zoe sounded so much clearer!

House construction update: We’re signing the papers today for our loan. Supposed to be meeting with Mr. Bill, the contractor, to go over floor plans. We have a Painting Party scheduled for March 10th to paint the boys’ room, Zoe’s room and Zoe’s bathroom. We were going to swap kids rooms but Mark measured the rooms and was right in that the boys have a bigger room. We’re painting Zoe’s room so she can feel important and to tone down the BRIGHT pink that is on there now. I’ll try and get pictures this week of the rooms so we can properly chronicle our progress on this exciting and crazy adventure.

Oh yea, while getting ready to leave for my parents on Friday, I lost my check card that was subsequently (in all probability) stolen. After panicking and yelling at my cell phone’s battery, I was able to cancel it and go through all those fun steps! Gotta love being pregnant and having fried brains.

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