We bought a zoo

membership!  Ya’ll a zoo membership  is one of the best deals for a large family.  One visit really does pay for our membership.  And it makes a great last minute field trip.
IMG_20160406_115809414_HDR There are quite a few gorillas at our local zoo and this particular April day, they were super social.  Several of them were quite interested in Emmie.IMG_20160406_120327699_HDR She was quite taken with them too.IMG_20160406_141125964 We picked up a strong man, Malachi on the trip too.IMG_20160406_143854911 Choo-chooIMG_20160406_152442322 I have got to remember to get these pictures when we get there rather than when we are exhausted and ready to go home.  As it is, this was the best we got at the end of a very fun, long day.   After I snapped a couple of pictures the child who is visibly distressed (names hidden to protect embarrassment later) cried louder, “You didn’t take our picture!”  Um, yes, I did.  You just can’t tell because you were in curled up ball of over-exhaustion happiness.IMG_20160406_152507279

These girls!

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