The Out-of-Towners

We have some dear friends who moved away in December to St. Louis. They were great friends and the first ones we met when moved to Augusta. There’s a connection with them as Mark’s dad and C’s dad were Gideons together. However, C and M are Auburn fans…but that’s pretty much their only flaw, so we try to overlook it. Anyway, they came through town visiting their “old haunts” so we were lucky enough that they were able to come to dinner on Monday. It was a lot of fun. Chris & Annette, more friends, came with their two children. So, we had a total of nine kids. However C & M’s oldest is 12 and will be in seventh grade next year. Yikes! She was starting first when we first met her and their second was just walking. And their third wasn’t even here! Their third, a boy, S, is the same age as Zoe. They are really good friends and Zoe has missed him a lot since they moved. She and her other good friend talk about him a lot and I’m sure this visit will trigger more talk. Ace loves to play with S too. They all have a good time and this visit was no exception. I wish I had gotten a picture of their kids with the Alabama jersey and helmet on, but I was in the blahs, so please forgive!!

Josiah hanging out with C.

Miss K in disguise!

Chris getting attacked doing some kind of crazy thing. To quote Madame Blueberry in Duke and the Great Pie War, “It’s complicated. I’ll explain later.”
L enjoyed toting Josiah around. He enjoyed it too!

All nine of the kids! Here’s their initials (sorry, trying to use privacy for friends): S (4), L(almost 12), Liam (2), Ace (4), Josiah (1), M (8 or 9, I can’t remember), Zoe (5), K (2 1/2), S (5). That was a couch full!

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