We Made It!!

Two huge suitcases full of dirty clothes (would’ve been more if I hadn’t forgotten to pack a couple pairs of undies for a few of us and we washed a load at my mom’s).
Four (I couldn’t thing of a three) extremely tired preschoolers (they were asleep by 7:30 last night).
Five nights of go, go, going here there and everywhere
Equals a night back at home.

We logged over 1000 miles traveling from here to Alabama to another part of Alabama to Georgia, to another part of Georgia and back to the first Georgia and then home. By Monday morning, we were sooooo ready to be out of the car.

The kids had a wonderful time and after our first night of no sleep, we actually had a “silent night.” Multiple ones in fact. The only other sleepless night was on Sunday night when Josiah got over tired and it got really cold in our room.

Josiah and Liam had fevers on Thursday but by Friday were feverless (yippee for breastfeeding). They both have very yucky colds but we used a vapor rub on toes and a humidifier and it’s been working well.

We enjoyed seeing all of our family but are all extremely grateful to be home.

Okay, so if you’re a new reader because you received my Christmas card, let me know by dropping a comment! Happy reading about our crew.

Yes, yes, pictures will be up this week just as soon as I…
finish plotting and planning grocery lists for the new year (I do three menus and rotate them out) and month.
getting ready for not one but two birthday parties (my babies are growing up)
and cleaning the house for end of Christmas season/birthday parties (see above)
all while juggling the adventures (and sometimes “mis” adventures) of our lovely clan of kids.

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