Wednesday Construction Update

No pictures to show for today. The siding guy was supposed to come, and they did show up about 10:45 and asked if it would be okay to come tomorrow…me, being the pushover I can be, said, “that’s fine!” Uggghhhh! Now why did I do that??!

However, the day was full of playing outside (in an upcoming post) and waiting on the tub and window guy.

The tub guy came out around lunch time (which I had to forego to talk with him…I did eat just way later than usual). We are getting a “re-bath” done to the boys’ bathroom. You can see the pictures of what the tub looks like in the previous construction post! I had gray hair stress moments trying to pick out the style and the color and finally gave up and agreed with Mark to go after he got off work to select the color. Lots of pressure on that front. Mark is still in shock over how much it cost to have it redone but our contractor told us up front that his cost would be about the same and not as durable as the re-bath. I’m glad we’re having it done. Who knows what is lurking in the peeled off grout and other spots in that yucky bathtub! The tub guy even suggested we not use the shower in there for now (and since we don’t have walls, we won’t). It’ll take about 8 weeks to get the custom made pieces in but only a day to install…so finishing that bathroom will have to wait until after Josiah appears!

We’ll go this weekend to pick out tile for our bathroom surround and possibly the floors too. I, at least, have a good idea what I want in there. We’re supposed to be getting a maple laminate vanity, and I’m going to look for a stone textured look to go in the tile.

The window guy came in the afternoon and very quietly counted the windows (all three were asleep…yahoo). At least his price was more along what we were thinking. We will probably order those next week. It’ll take about 4 weeks for them to come in, however….at least that will be before or close to before Josiah is born. Those also take only one day to install…it’ll be nice having energy efficient windows! We’ll even have them in our bathrooms.

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