Welcoming Baby Tobin!

Enough with the words!  Time to oohh and aahh over the newest member of the bunch. Ge and Granddaddy were so excited to be able to come down to meet Tobin.  October is a super busy month for them!

I think big sister was super excited to meet her baby brother. The other kiddos were pretty smitten! Grandmere got in some extra cuddles.
Bright eyes.  Tobin has tipped the scales to the blue eyes for the majority…so far.  We are all still thinking that they’ll be more hazel/green in the end, though.Aunt Tracy stopped by after an appointment to check on their baby one day. But also brought the family by to meet Tobin!  Her kids were super excited and are getting so ready to meet their new baby brother or sister. Dr. B, our friend and chiropractor, came by to give Tobin some loving but also to help us get him to wake up to eat (he liked his sleep the first 48 hours). Our wonderful Dr. J who has delivered all nine of our babies!   There are very few things as relaxing as cuddling with a newborn.

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