We’re back

from all travels to our native land…Alabama. Mark’s reunion, visiting with lots of family, and a trip to see a dinosaur were all part of our weekend. It was great. I’ll post pictures later this week.

New things from the kids:

Zoe: Is really getting in to the dancing thing. She moved and grooved (as demonstrated in a video in an earlier post) through a wings restaurant. Mark was taking care of Liam and Ace and Josiah and I just walked-eyes facing forward-while Zoe did her “thing” behind me. I tried really hard not to laugh. She’s getting a bit goofy.

Ace: Has started saying, “I’m going to be shy.” when he doesn’t want to speak to people. I think his ballet teacher has said that around him and now he thinks it’s an excuse. He looks really sweet when he does it.

Liam: His new phrases include, “mon” for “c’mon” and “up, up waaaay” for “up, up, and away” The latter phrase is usually used when we are picking him up from a booster seat or high chair. He’s also enjoying giving and receiving kisses and had me give his cuddly toy, a lamb, night night love tonight.

Josiah: Is really starting to get his strong belly laughs. He gave me one yesterday and gave Mark a big one today. He’s such a joy and traveled so well to be 3 months and only his second long trip. He slept great too.

Now it’s three days of school and the dreaded P-day next week. P-Day is when Paci goes bye bye. That will be on Thursday. Let the countdown begin 🙂

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