Yes, they are all mine!

Funny things that happened when we went out to eat tonight at Stevi B’s (I know it’s not fancy food but it’s decent and cheap!).

Liam dropped a piece of pizza on the floor.
“Uh oh,” he says, “‘unny, come ‘ere.” Translation: Liam was calling for Sunny to come and eat her food…ahhh, family secrets revealed. We use our dog for a vacuum cleaner!

Ace thought that cherry dessert pizza would taste good in ranch dressing. He liked it, I gagged.

After we ate, they each got a $1 to play games in the very little arcade. Zoe played the race car game all by herself for the first time and got last place. Mark played and Zoe was watching him. He placed 3rd. Zoe’s comment: “Wow! Daddy you only got 3. I beat you. I got more than you!”

Ahhh, my life. Not a lot of comments on my hands being full but one mom stopped and asked me what I would recommend baby equipment wise. She was expecting her second and her first one was 9 years old. “Well, ma’am, if you would just read my blog…” I actually gave her some musts and then she made a comment about how well I was doing with them. They didn’t see me snap at them when we got to the restaurant.

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