Zoe’s Bathroom

Last weekend, we started our end of “renovation” by redoing the kids/guest bathroom and making it into Zoe’s bathroom. We had three very good friends come over and help, and unfortunately, caught up in playing hostess, chasing three preschoolers, and helping paint, I did nto get any pictures of our friends so I’ll just send out big hugs and say thanks to Bill, Alvin, and Annette!

Zoe’s bathroom before. We had a “lighthouse” motif. Very neutral. I thought it was very nice and pretty but I also thought it would be very special for Zoe to get her own bathroom with her own pretty colors!
“Pearl Violet” on the walls.

And the finished room. My mom painted this window and when she found it, it had the purple sill already painted. I was going to try and put it in our bedroom but when we were talking about a “girls’ bathroom,” we realized that the window would work great in her bathroom. As it goes, without even thinking much about it, Zoe and I picked out a beautiful shower curtain that has butterflies on it. All the colors matched perfectly. This window and towel rack are on the opposite wall of the vanity.

The pretty shower curtain and new hand towel rack and all the pretty colors. I wish I could have had my own bathroom growing up! Lucky girl 🙂 Of course, she has to share this bathroom with the boys for a little bit longer!

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