Out of Doors

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”  -Margaret Atwood

March brought in some pretty amazing weather and we gladly soaked it up!  The weather was so nice that I begged an ouutdoor bell from Ge so that I could call the kids when they have adventures up on the hill.  May starts snake season and they don’t like to venture up there during those times.  So, the bell will have to wait to be used until the fall.

DSC_4806 DSC_4808 Football…DSC_4809 with dad… DSC_4817 is awesome!IMG_20160322_124638059 Mark had jury duty a week before Emmie got the halo off.  He had called and explained our situation to the court person and she assured him that nothing big was coming up and he needed to come on in.  He had to go in on Tuesday, got called back and then promptly sent home.  He was home by 11 and we got bonus time with dad.  The kids introduced him to our picnics on the front lawn.  We have been doing these even before we moved in to this house.  IMG_20160322_130811585 Emmie decided she needed to take daddy on a walk and show him the place.IMG_20160323_171128170

Emmie loves her little red wagon.  One day, she decided that she didn’t want to be pushed anymore.  Instead, she wanted to pull me.  She showed me right where to sit and promptly walked to the handle and grunted and heaved trying to pull me in it.  Imagine how upset she was when she realized it wouldn’t budge.

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