A Post about the Cat



I know.  But all our newest members deserve a post or two solely devoted to them.  Even if they are the four legged kind.

This cat, ya’ll.  Could not have been a better fit to our family.  He is the weirdest cat we have ever had.  He refuses to drink out of a water bowl but prefers to drink from the faucet.  He loves to sneak up behind Zoe and just stand there.  Only he belongs on counters.  He has decided that 5:30 is my wake up time.  Every.  single.  day.

And the kids.  He tolerates them so well.  They will scoop him up and he just goes with the flow.  None of our cats have ever done that.  They will usually wiggle, hiss, or scratch to get down if a child just grabs them up any ol’ way.

IMG_20150601_202859_376 Feet are his favorite toy.IMG_20150608_122623_516 And Josiah’s school box (appropriately covered in cat fabric) is his favorite hiding place.IMG_20150615_221137_278 Boxes work too.IMG_20150627_163902_231 And we can spend a ton of money on cat toys but he prefers pretty much anything.

IMG_20150627_163915_867He wanted to help us decorate Y’s Welcome sign.

Yeah, we love this crazy, weird cat.  He fits so well in to our crazy, weird family.

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