And We’re Off…

Well, our home study social worker lives in Savannah. We had our personal interviews with her on Friday and thought since bebe #5 is coming in March, we should try and do at least one getaway before then (yea, I know we have a while, but have you seen my schedule??). So, Mark’s mom generously came up to watch all four of my young’uns for us to have a night out on the town. We splurged and stayed at a nice bed and breakfast called The McMillan Inn. It’s right in the historic district.

We walked to City Market on Thursday night and ate at a great restaurant called Garibaldi’s. I didn’t have much nausea that night (and I’m thanking God for that…I did a lot of praying for that) so the food was really good.

On the way to City Market, we passed by this place!
We sorta/kinda wanted to eat here, but you have to be at the door at 9:30 in the morning to get reservations and we’ve heard lots of people say it’s not as great as it’s hyped up to be. Fame has a price. I’ve also read that it was really good before Paula Deen became famous. Just thought I’d share where we passed by!

We also saw lots of Spanish Moss! I think it’s beautiful!

Any guesses who this guy is???

It’s John Wesley. He set up an American Parish here and we got to walk by it.

We also walked through an old cemetary. I believe it was Colonial Cemetary. Anyway, there were several historical markers set up, so Mark and I loved it. Here’s pictures of the historical markers…

Yep, this gives a whole new meaning to the Bible verse, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger.” This is the actual grave below. I wish I had brought some paper and stuff to do some grave rubbings, but forgot.

Savannah’s a really spooky place…you see all sorts of shadows everywhere. Notice the hand shadow on this grave marker…it seems to be holding something…oh wait, that’s Mark’s shadow with the camera (I knew that but thought it would be funny to post…It’s late, give me credit).

Apparently, the old bicycles are still in fashion here. We never saw any, sadly enough.

We rode a Pedicab back to our B&B. A Pedicab consists of a man on a bicycle with a two seater trailer on the back. It was a nice ride and we would have asked him to ride us around more but he was so hot and I hated seeing him work so hard so I didn’t have to trek it back to our B&B. He gave us a nice tour/history of all the areas we passed.

We passed by a house that’s been on all these travel shows. Apparently, it’s the most haunted house in Savannah. I asked him if he ever saw a “ghost” since he’s lived in Savannah his whole life. He was pretty straightforward in saying, “Nope.” He likes to laugh (or roll his eyes) at people who get in his cab and tell him they’ve seen all sorts of ghosts on the ghost tours. So, we had a little conversation about how people can trick themselves into seeing things. I still believe demons are real, though, and can really mess with you if you allow them to and don’t trust in the Holy Spirit to guard and guide you. That’s all I’m gonna say ’bout that.

After arriving at the B&B, we sat out by their dipping pool (which was a little shallow pool in the courtyard…very cute and sweet, but I forgot our swimsuits) and soaked our feet while we munched on cookies. It was very relaxing. We then went to our room and watched PS I Love You, which is not a movie to watch when you are pregnant or want a sweet love story, but is great to watch when you need a good cry.

We slept okay, until about 2:30 when some kids across the street thought that lighting up Black Cat firecrackers would be fun. I went right back to sleep but woke up a little later because I was suffocating from the lack of air circulation. There was no sort of fan in the room. Mark got a heater out of one of the rooms and directed it toward the a/c thermostat which kept me nice and cool the rest of the early morning. I still woke up before 7 though. Uggghhh.

After a yummy breakfast, we headed to Factor’s Walk, which is on the river and did a little sight seeing. It’s also where I found a very nice wrap for half off but had to mail it in for an exchange when we got home because it had a two big holes in it. Hopefully a new one will be in the mail this week.

We left, to do our one on one interviews, which didn’t take too long and then headed back to Factor’s Walk for lunch and kids’ souvenirs. We ate at Spanky’s (yea, what a name, huh?) and it was very good. Lots of fried food but good. Then we went to the Savannah Candy Kitchen and got the kids some taffy, of course. And then we headed home. Ahhh! Very nice and relaxing.

Making “gophers” at the Savannah Candy Kitchen.

Something I always have wanted to do but haven’t been able to yet, go out on a Riverboat. We also would have loved to do a historical tour since we’re both history junkies, but we didn’t have time. Maybe later!

2 thoughts on “And We’re Off…

  1. We missed you by one weekend. We were in Savannah the weekend before. We love it there! I have to agree with the natives about Paula’s, just not the same since she has become so popular. We tried Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room this time and will eat there again. Wonderful, wonderful food!

  2. I wanted to go to Mrs. Wilkes’ because I’ve heard nothing but good things, but our home study interviews were at 11, so we didn’t get to lunch until after 1, Spanky’s was excellent, though. Great spuds! Will have a coronary from all the grease and fried foods, but it was still good.

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