And we’re…

Standing, standing…and falling, falling!

Josiah started to practice his standing technique yesterday! He sat down on a load of laundry (clean and folded, Thank you very much…and thanks to Mark) and then stood up and tried to step forward! So far, he’s made it one step before doing a face dive. But he thinks it’s pretty cool being able to stand up and try to reach mom or dad!

One thought on “And we’re…

  1. Hey Abbie – found your blog thru Lisa Churchill’s blog – I just love reading both of ya’lls posts!
    Just had to tell you – little Miss Preslee has skipped crawling and she walks EVERYWHERE! I sure didn’t encourage this b/c now she is into everthing too – she just turned 10 months last friday! It’s crazy!
    Lara Fort

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