April 2017 Randoms

On the way home from the NF Symposium and airport, we stopped to grab supper.  When we got back to the car, this was on our window. Such a sweet finding.

Tot is clearly a very social dog.  He loves people but he equally loves visits from other dogs.  We loved being able to watch our friends’ dog, Riley.  Tot and Riley are best buddies! Expecting some rough weather, we battened down the hatches but wound up getting just rain…which meant we had some fun in puddles! Emmie’s first ponytail!   Emmie’s first person!  I personally think we got a smart girl on our hands! Teaching Ceili Rain to crochet. Bryant is a teeth losing machine! Waiting on Zoe to find a dress for Easter, the other two girls decided to have a fashion show.  What happens on long drives.

Meeting a friend’s newest and beautiful daughter, O.  Look at all that hair! Obviously, we have a very busy house and some days are busier than others.  We can gauge how busy our days are by Tot’s comatose state.  This particular night, he wouldn’t budge until we started turning lights off and heading to bed.
Emmie’s figured out how to take pictures with our phone.  And edit them.

Sunday mornings are no longer bow mornings for Emmie.  All she ever wants is a flexi!  I miss the bow days but I have to admit she can wear a flexi just as well.


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