August Randoms

Ya’ll, I might actually be caught up before 2018 hits…okay, don’t hold your breath.  Here’s the end of August…and our randoms.

Emmie got “Pwincess” pjs from Ge…and we just had to show them off.  A.dor.a.ble

Ice cream at Bruster’s is better if you’re in your swimsuit.  Just saying.  Don’t forget the pink bow. Having a crown is just as good. Mr. H goes to church with us and has notarized untold numbers of adoption documents and been rewarded a couple of times with supper on us.  Then there was that one day he had enough notarizing like a normal person and decided to do it in style.  With a box on his head. Smudge sensed something was up.  Again.  And did everything in his power to keep us from packing for our Ukraine/Grandparent trip.  He was not happy with any of us. Cute contemplative cookie eating. Girls in rollers…it’s a rite of passage in our house.

Just because Zoe is pretty and can do some pretty amazing things with her hair. Princess Emmie surrounded by lots of knights…traipsing through the fields. We enjoyed a subscription to Genius Box for the summer (and then three months after because I forgot to cancel it.).  Okay, we have four boxes sitting in our school area because I forgot to use them up but they will get used when we are at home with nothing to do.  Stop laughing ya’ll. Malachi’s first grown fruit…watermelon.  It was left too long on the ground and split.  But at least it was something. We got home from Josiah’s hospital stay and I walked in to the girls’ room and realized that one of the cats had used the bathroom in it.  Which resulted in me cleaning out the entire room and cleaning all the carpets upstairs.  Which resulted in rearranging the room.  Which resulted in the discovery that Emmie’s crib (bought used) was starting to tear up).  Which resulted in Emmie getting to sleep like a big girl…on the mattress…on the floor.  Which resulted in Zoe, Ceili Rain and I brainstorming how we could re-decorate their room.  Which we did this past December…and are still doing…so you have to wait on pictures of that. The night after we got home from the hospital.  Josiah wanted to crash on the couch.  So, we did. Zoe celebrated Urkainian Independence day in her traditional shirt and with a traditional hairstyle. My kids are awesome. And Emmie has shades…Her right eye (which is effected by Horner Syndrome from her first surgery) is very sensitive to light.  She finally agreed that wearing glasses was a good idea. This is pretty much how she spent her August.  At the water table, in a diaper.   Smudge is eating her toe??? We trapped a Emmie. And a Bryant. And an Emmie and a Bryant together. “Small but Mighty”  Yes, indeed.

The big news in our ‘hood in August was that Kroger opened up a marketplace with a Starbucks.  Um, yes.  Grand opening meant a cow was there to pet (some kind of creamery or something). Anyway, my kids enjoyed getting up close and personal with the bovine species.  It takes very little to entertain my city kids…okay, me too

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