Austria Not Australia

After a very sad good-bye, we headed back to Kyiv and then to Austria.  We planned a 24 hour layover to check out all things Vienna and squeezed in as much of their culture as we could in that time.
Riding the train from the airport to City Centre. Our first glimpse of Vienna.

Riding through the country side is quite beautiful.

We probably spent way too many hours trying to find a hotel in Vienna.  We decided on a art boutique hotel (reasonably priced of course).  Our room’s air wasn’t working and there were dog paintings on the wall that made us giggle.  I know.  I know.  It’s art.  But it was fun art and that made us laugh.

Our main stop was Schonbrunn Palace, the hunting palace of the Hapsburgs.  This wasn’t a fake backdrop.  Nope.  It was the real thing.  A large, beautiful, proud Austrian piece of architectural and interior design.  We toured and were able to walk where Mozart and Napoleon walked.  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside the palace.

A small metal model of the palace grounds.

The gardens were fair game for picture taking.  And just as gorgeous as the inside!

Roses were in abundance.

On the way back to the subway, we couldn’t pass by a golden Mozart street performer without taking a picture.

Speaking of the subway, we enjoyed the art.  It was fairly clean and easy to navigate.  

A beautiful statue on the way to our hotel.

For supper, we headed to City Centre.  We saw St. Stephen’s and just basked in the beautiful architecture. And the crowds.  It was so busy!

Every side of St. Stephen’s included a beautiful piece of art.

Trip Advisor gave super good reviews for Aida and was right in the city centre.  And ya’ll, the desserts did not disappoint.  Yes, supper was good…but dessert.  Oh my!

Vienna was beautiful and we fit in as much as we could in 24 hours.  I would love go back and see more one day.

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