Awards Night

Last August, we received a notice about a group called American Heritage Girls.  After doing some reading and researching, I mentioned the group to Zoe to see if she was interested.  She definitely was.  However, we had some waiting to do to see what we were going to need to do concerning Emmie.

We finally got Zoe signed up in November.  And we had a quick crash course in what AHG was all about.  She loved it!  Zoe is the organized, goal-oriented child…so, yeah, she loved it!

We squeaked by this year, still trying to figure the club out and enjoying what we could between medical appointments.  May brought her awards night and we all got to see her hard work paid off.


And make some goofy faces.

DSC_1510 DSC_1515

All of those awards hanging down her vest is the result of her hard work. I mainly offered suggestions and provided material to help her earn badges.  She did the rest!


Goofy pictures are necessary in an awards ceremony.


So are big smiles and laughs!



Zoe “leveled up” for next year and Ceili Rain is going to join her in the younger program.  We’re excited to be participating in such a fun group!

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