Bargain Alert!

It’s tax free weekend in Georgia! Yippee! Besides that, I took Ace out in search of black shorts for ballet. They’re hard to find for a 3 year old.

Anyway, we headed over to KMart and apparently they have 40% off of their sales items. I got a shirt for me for $2.40 and another one for a little over $4. I found Ace a pair of shorts for next year (that he had to wear now) for $2.10! So, when we all went out to get ballet shoes and Zoe’s leotard, we headed back to KMart and I got a couple more $2 shirts for me and some more shorts for Ace for next year…it’s so hard to find Ace’s clothes at the consignment sale (his size clothes are either in bad shape or just simply not there).

So, if you live in Georgia, then head to get some clothes and try to find a KMart. I also heard that Target has clothes on sale, but I think I’ve met and surpassed my clothes budget for the month!

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