Beach Bums


We were able to take a mini-vacation the day after Emmie’s birthday.  Mark is saving up vacation for Y the Brave trips.  But, we managed to squeeze in a three day getaway.

Although it was a little cold, we had a blast!

IMG_20160514_130944166 IMG_20160514_141607839 IMG_20160514_141620951 DSC_5126 This girl thought the sand and waves hitting her feet were awesome.DSC_5124 DSC_5123 DSC_5116 DSC_5117 DSC_5119 DSC_5104 DSC_5108

On Sunday, Zoe and I were not brave enough to get in the cold water.  So, we headed down the beach for a walk and then hit the outlets for a quick trip (our gigantic skillet needed to be replaced and the outlets were conveniently close by).

While we were walking, we noticed a large group of people.  As we got closer, we realized it was a baptism.  The congregation was Spanish-speaking.  We stood close by and listened to them praising God and watching the new believers be baptized.  It was such a beautiful scene!IMG_20160515_105050976 IMG_20160515_110156016 We also saw several dead jellyfish.  Pretty neat being able to see them close up.  We studied ocean animals this year in Science.  Now we got to study them up close.IMG_20160515_110953404

My partner in crime on the beach.

DSC_5244 DSC_5246 DSC_5243 DSC_5229 DSC_5236

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