Best Date Evah!

I have to say that our last date was probably the best date ever. We went bike riding along a canal in our metro area. Supposedly, you can bike from the locks to downtown (Mark thinks it’s like 7 miles but I’m not sure). We didn’t do that. I’ve done something funky to my knee, so it was slightly painful but not that bad.

Anyway, we took the afternoon and biked while the kids slept/played with our fav babysitter Miss Tracy. We biked about five miles total. It was such a nice day, nice workout , and wonderful conversation. We talked about a ton of things including my Bible study and different things going on. Lots of fun. We stopped at a nice spot where you could wade out into the Savannah River. We saw fish and as we were leaving, a moccasin (a not so nice snake for all you city folk)…fortunately we figured out what it was before it got too close to a dad holding his child and I was able to barely scream out “SNAKE!” No joke, that snake was heading fast and straight for them…scary!

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