Brace Yourselves

One of my biggest shockers since Emmie’s diagnosis has been that I have been brave enough to drive through Atlanta without another adult, not once, but three times in the past three months.  While I don’t mind traffic, Atlanta traffic is its own little world that I didn’t care to delve in to.  Until Emmie required us too.

In the middle of June, we got the call that Emmie’s new brace (the one just before the halo) was ready and Mark quickly rearranged his schedule and took off so that I could take Emmie for the short appointment.  We both knew it would be a boring appointment for the kids but hanging out with daddy for a whole day would be totally awesome.  It was.

Since this was my first, “Emmie and me” trip, I made sure we had a celebratory pit stop.  At Ikea.  Oh yes we did.  There are some perks to having to drive to Atlanta for all of her awesomeness.

IMG_20150715_114736062The appointment took a bit over an hour and she did a wonderful job.  Despite the fact she was terrified every time she heard a door open or close.

I must say, she works this brace like the princess super hero that she is.IMG_20150717_193617_261 IMG_20150717_193645_341

Complete with double pony tails.  Oh yeah.

I found an etsy site called Higgy Bears after Emmie got her brace.  This wonderful lady creates stuffed animal braces for children to have stuffed animals sporting their same sense of fashion.  I knew she had the scoliosis braces but wasn’t sure if she could make something similar to Emmie’s brace.  I decided it was worth a shot and sent an email.  And she did it!  I was totally impressed.  I haven’t had time to email to see if she could do a halo brace now.  But for now.  Her LeighLeigh doggy is a favorite.

IMG_20150805_165049147 IMG_20150805_165106934

She even went back for her halo placement procedure.  LeighLeigh, by the way, is after Emmie’s amazing orthotist who came up with this brace that was indestructible (stoppable only by the evil Kyphosis villain).

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