The Bug

It started with me this time. I got bad sick on Friday. Achy, sore throat, headache, congestion, then a fever in the afternoon. By Saturday, I was a little better and Mark started feeling bad. He can take Motrin, so he stayed medicated on Saturdy and Sunday. Saturday night, Liam started with a nasty cough and I announced he was not going to church…I just knew he had it. Sure enough, Sunday late morning, he started running a fever…and he’s still running a fever. Zoe woke up yesterday morning about 5:30 with the nasty cough. Her temp is staying down for now. I’m anticipating it going up before the afternoon which will mean no speech, no ballet, etc. for the week. We’ll see.

So far, Ace is the most healthy and has had no problems with being sick. I’m much, much better. My throat is barely hurting. Mark is getting better. His voice has gotten a little rough with it. I asked him last night how long he’d been smoking!

Stay tuned to our sickly tale!

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