Construction Update

We met with Mr. Bill, our contractor, last night. He drew up a rough sketch of the plans. We took off two feet on closet to save some money and because the extra two feet gave us an enormously large amount of space to walk around in which we didn’t need…unless we gain an unsightly amount of weight. Anyway, I’m very happy with everything. My compromise for not having a separate shower and tub is a soaker tub which will be about twenty inches deep and very long…yummmy! We’ll have a shower/tub combo. He also suggested we get the “comfort” height on the toilet which is two inches taller…he said we’d love it but I just thought it was really funny! After going over all the plans, it looks like our new space will be 10X14. A very good size I think but definitely not too large. He’s doing everything he can to cut costs for us, including asking for help from people that go to our church. We are very blessed to have such a good contractor and one who understands that we need the space on very little budget.

After we went over all the plans, we showed him our bathtub (which will be the boys tub/shower). Hehehe, needless to say, he was disgusted by it, as were we. He said he would check into prices to “re-bath” it and also to take it out and cover it. When Mark told him we needed to replace it (this was over the phone), he said he would look at it but that if it wasn’t bad, then we didn’t need to replace it…which we agree with. But, unfortunately, our mauve tub from 1972 has seen it’s day…it needs to be laid to rest and we all agreed. Plus, mauve in a boys bathroom sounds really icky!

So, he’s taking the plans to someone who will draw up “real” plans and then we’ll start laying the foundation, etc. Yippee! Of course, to me, this means about another month before construction begins. His company is very busy right now and unfortunately, we are not big money makers for him so priority wise we are very low. He said we would at least have it started before the baby gets here. Please pray that it is at least finished before the baby gets here. Having to recover from childbirth and listen to people banging outside my room doesn’t not sound very appealing. Not to mention the sleep depravation that goes along with nursing a newborn!

This weekend is a big paint day. We invited several friends to come over and paint but it looks like only one will come. We’ll be painting the boys room and Zoe’s bathroom. I would ideally like to get Zoe’s room done, but I don’t think that will happen this weekend (maybe next weekend Mark and I can knock that out). I’m praying it goes good and that the kids are cooperative about painting. I’ll post before and after pictures next week!

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