Construction Update Monday

Okay, so we’re hoping this will be our last week of construction updates…maybe a little bit more into next week…but we’ll see. We still have to paint our bedroom and finish painting the boys’ bathroom…but that’s not a biiiiggg rush.

We had a friend come over and paint the master closet while I was at MOPS today (thanks big time Brian!!) and he also waited on the tile guys to come and finish the grout…which they did. Everything is looking good (except for all the stuff scattered throughout my house). The stucco guys came out and started on that.

On tap for this week…Mr. Bill is supposed to come by tomorrow to finish fitting the doors and do all the trim. We are planning on going today to pick out the vanity and sink/countertop and give that information to Mr. Bill tomorrow. I’ll go by sometime to pick up the bathroom faucets, etc. The plumbers are supposed to be contacted today and we are praying they will come out to finish up the plumbing. Soooo, if all goes as planned (pray and keep your fingers crossed) we should have our master bath ready for use at the end of this week.

What’s left???

  • The closet has to be carpeted and organizational stuff will have to be installed (all us).
  • The roof has to be shingled.
  • Landscape and clean up outside around the new addition (including roses!).
  • Boys’ bathroom painted and new bathtub installed (the new bathtub will not be until after Josiah is born).
  • Boys’ bathroom closet needs to be shelved and possibly doored if my dad has time to make them.
  • Of course painting master bedroom and boys’ bathroom.
  • And windows which were ordered but won’t be in until after vacation (or during).

We’re winding down!

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