December Randoms

DSC_4047 DSC_4049 DSC_3978 These girls!  I started making Emmie outfits to go over her halo and am working on building up an inventory to sell them.  I grabbed this fabric and just couldn’t resist outfits for two of our girls.  They were none to shy about posing either.DSC_3980 DSC_3985 And being silly.DSC_3993 Mark got Zoe to pose too.
DSC_4032 DSC_4037 Dress up time!DSC_4038 DSC_4081 Emmie loves to play “nite nite.”  She grabs all of her animals, wants a pillow behind her and then we count to three and she throws herself back as hard as she can.DSC_4082 DSC_4087 IMG_20151202_111552870 Malachi and Bryant made the letter K.IMG_20151202_195135998 Emmie has the proper way to eat oreos:  Take off the top.  Eat all the icing.  Try a bite of a cookie and then declare, “Yuk!” as you toss it on the floor.
IMG_20151204_090713705_HDR Oh, you know, just riding in the car, hanging on to my halo.
IMG_20151206_153702504 Emmie was blessed with a sweet gift from a neighbor.  There was a beautiful handmade crochet rabbit blankie and a bigger crochet blankie.  She calls her rabbits Hop Hop but this Hop Hop is her favorite buddy and goes everywhere with her.IMG_20151207_135124104 Piling toys.  Taking a nap.IMG_20151209_130914927_HDR Emmie’s made a little desk by my desk and loves to sit and color.  We have since gotten a step stool for her to sit on but before that, she used a box of adoption tees.IMG_20151210_155102879 She’s learned to turn to the side to sleep.IMG_20151211_133523059 Braving the mall crowd to run some errands.  My kids were amazing and we needed photographic evidence of this.
IMG_20151219_194718586 Mark got Star War pjs.  Awesome. IMG_20151220_090122853 PreciousnessIMG_20151221_184344504 Our neighborhood had some pretty amazing lights on display.  This one was one of our favorites.IMG_20151226_091145498 Peek-a-…IMG_20151226_091149947 Boo

It’s been a year 2015.

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