Family Update

It looks like Liam still has the ear infection from two weeks previous. At a hunch and because I knew that the pediatrician would not be in today, I took him in yesterday. He’s on augmentin now. Hopefully, this stronger antibiotic will kill this persistent bacteria. He’s been running a low grade fever since Sunday and he had just finished up his amoxicillin on Saturday…tadum! My very healthy child has now been to the doctor twice in less than a month. He’ll go in in two weeks for his 15 mth well check and she’ll check his ears then.

Our afternoon yesterday was spent out and about as we went to speech, Target, the doctor, drop off a prescription at Wal-Mart and then to ballet…Mark met us at ballet to take the kids home and I left for Wal-Mart to pick up the prescription and necessities (milk etc) and then back home to eat real quick and then out again to Bible Study…phew! We were all zonked.

Ace ran a low grade temp early this morning and I think it’s climbing again. So everyone has a cold! This cold has seemed to only give Zoe congestion (she was the one who started it this time). Mark is pretty congested. I’m a little congested but mostly I believe due to pregnancy. I’m sure I’ll pick up the cold eventually though.

So, for right now, we’re quarantined to the house. I’m planning on going to church to eat tonight and then taking the two most sick kids home to get in bed while Mark and Zoe stay for church stuff.

I’m working diligently at getting items priced for consignment sale and washing up Liam’s clothes (found a whole summer wardrobe for him…that gives him two!), and Josiah’s (still doesn’t really need clothes…having two older brothers will help keep him clothed). Knowing that finding good condition boys’ clothes at consignment is a hard task, I’ve been trying to buy when I find things on sale. Liam’s got a good stash which adds to his good stash from Ace. Ace, however, is very hard to buy for at his age! I’m planning on attending a consignment sale this week and then going to the consignment sale I attend every fall and spring (plus I’ve got a ton I’m consigning this year). I still haven’t gone through my maternity wardrobe for the summer but believe I’ll need to purchase a few things. A lot of what I had maternity wise was purchased or given to me, second-hand, so those are going back into consignment. They’ve seen a lot of wear and tear through three pregnancies. I was hoping to be like my sister-in-law and find a lot of long skirts at Goodwill that could be worn during and after pregnancy and would be cool and comfortable…no luck! Oh well!

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  1. ABBIE!!! I am just getting around to reading your blog! Do you want all my maternity skirts? And, for that matter- you can have whatever tops I wore with them. Just let me know and I can send them with the Characters. I had to search multiple times at the Thrift store before I came up with enough to wear all the time. Just let me know. Glad ya’ll are doing a bit better.

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