Friday construction update

Okay…you didn’t think I knew how to use this blog thing, did you….it’s me, Mark!

Today’s update is that the plumbing is ready for inspection, which means it is all tied in and tested, ready for fixtures, basically. Mr. Bill and couple of his guys also hauled off a bunch of the trash and extra wood that had been laying around, so the area looks a little cleaner.

Mommy’s away so Daddy & the kids will play…
We are planning to attend a movie at the amphitheater at our library…”Night at the Museum” is the movie. After much traveling (starting at 9 a.m.) for a stop at the bank, dentist’s appointments this morning (which went very well, Ace almost allowed himself to enjoy it), off to Miss Annette’s to see Mommy off, to Wal-Mart for groceries, over to the church to setup a temporary sound board (primary one quit), then home to hear the plumbers banging around under the house finishing up…the kids have been asleep for a couple of hours now. Time to up and fix supper and get ready for movie night! They were such super-troopers during all of our adventures today…I am very proud of them.

More later…

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