The Great Physician

I’ll post updates on construction and our home this weekend…but I just wanted to share what a great physician our God is!

Kennis, our friend who is still being treated for brain tumors (PNET) was admitted to the hospital today due to fevers…it was day 6-7 after chemo and her counts were dropping. They did a ct scan and it came back CLEAR! This is such a praise…the chemo isn’t the only thing working. Her first set of chemo since her second operation to remove the second tumor, did not appear to be working via the scans…We heard that doctors had said only a miracle could help her now…Wow! Huh?! I love when God does big God things for people.

Of course, Kennis is still not done with treatment. I’m not sure of the details but I know she’ll have to have several clear ct scans before she can be declared “healed” or “in remission.”

Please continue to pray for her and that the ct scans continue to come back clear! God has used that family so much to share Christ’s love with those hurting and those they don’t even know.

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