Guess that Child??!!

Here’s a fun game for everyone. Ready??

I’m going to tell a story about one of my sweet adventurous children and you, my friends, can guess who it’s about. The winner gets a big ol’ high five (virtually, of course) for reading my blog or just knowing my kids so well.

Here we go:

A couple of nights ago, one of the children had trouble going to sleep. This isn’t new for this child, anyway, Mark had done his normal stake out in the hallway but decided to come visit with me since I was able to sit up right that night (as opposed to vertical and moaning, “I don’t want to throw up!”).

A short time later, another child came to the living room to inform us that the troubled sleeper was not in bed. So, Mark ventured to the room to look for the child. Not in bed was putting it mildly. We quickly determined the child was not in the bedroom period. Mark set off looking in our room, the other kids bedroom, the bathrooms, the showers, our closet (even moving clothes). I did the same, but we still could not find the child. Mark took off to look in the backyard to see if the child had snuck outside. As he did that, I walked to our bathroom/closet again to have another looksie. Now, keep in mind we were calling the child’s name but the child did not answer. This child was thoroughly lost.

Anyway, as I made the pass from my bathroom into the bedroom and almost at the hall, I saw our tossled bedcovers stir out of the corner of my eye. Hmmm, I couldn’t call Mark I was laughing so hard. I pulled back the covers and there was the little lost child, grinning from ear to ear.

And you know what?! It is possible to punish a child even while you are laughing your head off.

Hide and seek is a favorite game here. I think this child won that round!!

Now, can you guess who our little hider was?? Have fun!! This is a good test to see if you all will comment because I have a major post with comments absolutely needed coming up!

6 thoughts on “Guess that Child??!!

  1. Ok, I will probably be wrong – I’m torn between Ace and Liam, but since this sounds exactly like something Tyler would do and they are the same age, I’m going with Ace. How funny Abbie!

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