Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!

Liam actually made it to 2 years old. His birthday was yesterday and he celebrated with…a fever! Yes. Fortunately, the few children we invited weren’t able to make it. Ge & Granddaddy were able to come up and his babysitter and her fiance came up. Liam’s a big sports fan, so we celebrated with football things. This is one of the better cake decorating jobs I’ve done. Unfortunately, the icing on the letters messed up and the a and a ‘p’ were messed up.

Waiting to blow out the candles.
Gettin’ the hang of presents!
Okay, guess what was the big hit of his gifts…that’s right the football helmet…and uniform.
Our bobble head doll!

Granddaddy trying on the helmet! Liam’s uniform came complete with pads and a chin strap all with Alabama colors on it!!!

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