Josiah’s Check Up and Busy Busy!

Josiah had his 12 month check up today. It turned into a sick visit as he started running a fever yesterday and it got up to 103! She checked for strep but so far, it’s negative. He had a great check up and was lucky to not have to vaccines because of the fever, as of now. No problems, good muscle tone, should start walking soon, the works. He waved at Dr. B and Liam was so sweet and kept talking to Dr. B. Very cute. I kept wondering where my children were. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them so sweet and quiet and nice in the doctor’s office…very nice.

Here’s Josiah’s stats:
22 lbs 2 oz (40%)…that’s a great jump from our April weight recheck at 25% and 19 lbs, 4 oz.
30 3/4 inches tall
19 1/4 inches (97%)

He’s dropped off on his height gain so now his height and weight are proportionate…instead of being tall and skinny. I don’t have the percentages for his height, she didn’t write them down…could be because Liam was showing her his new shoes for the umpteenth time!

We are going today to meet with the social worker for our first visit in our home study. We have another visit next week and then a home visit the following week. Phew! Trying to get stuff going. We have to travel 3 hours away. We don’t have anyone to watch the kids, so they are coming with us. Please pray that behave and are as good as they were at the doctor’s office. I’ve got a bag of goodies and snacks, so they should be well manned. If all else fails, we’ll get out the dvd player and let them veg in front of it.

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