Jump Jump

In January, we decided to take the plunge and try out the indoor jump park that opened up last year.  We’ve been quite nervous about injuries, but I have to say the only injuries that occurred were just sore and tired muscles after having a blast!

Our jump park offers a huge family night discount on Monday nights.  Our whole family jumped for an hour for $35 total!  On the way there, I also discovered that we had won free jump passes for five people.  We’ll definitely be going back again.
IMG_20160201_184238601 Emmie wanted me to sit on a trampoline while she sat on the side and daddy stuck close by.  Isn’t this the sweetest picture?!IMG_20160201_184312717 A ninja course.  It was so hard but so fun!IMG_20160201_184409712 That’s me.  Catching some air.  Pretty interesting jumping after having eight kids.IMG_20160201_184447876 My pants kept falling down, which is normally a good thing, except when you are jumping.IMG_20160201_184530413 Ace hitting the trampoline grid.  I have to say that everything appeared safe and secure.  As long as you followed the rules, there was no need to worry about injury.IMG_20160201_185117203 IMG_20160201_185202307

Malachi’s words when he realized where we were going, “I don’t want to jump on the twampo-ene.”

“Okay buddy,”  we said.  “You can just watch.”

I kept him and Emmie down by the shoe cubbies while we scoped out how things were set up and then decided it was safe to take her where everyone was jumping so she could watch.  As we’re taking our shoes off, more protests came.

“But I don’t want to jump!!!”

I gently reminded him that he didn’t have to jump but that we had to take our shoes off to go watch everyone else.  I fully expected him to be content with sitting on a couch and watching.  Then this happened:

IMG_20160201_185242169Um, but you told us you didn’t want to jump.  Silly boy!IMG_20160201_185318308 IMG_20160201_190458854 Silk rope swings.  Um, yes.  This was my favorite part once I realized how to swing on them.IMG_20160201_190505190 IMG_20160201_190819539

Ceili Rain and Bryant loved the foam pits!  Personally, I consider those the workout of all workouts.  It’s near to impossible to get out of those things without using every. single. muscle in your body!

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