Labor Post #1

I tried to come up with a clever title but failed…sorry.

When this posts (as I’m writing it the night before) we should be at the hospital getting set up to start the induction. If we can access it, we’ll be online and blogging live in a little while so stay tuned…if you don’t hear anything from us in an hour or so, then we can’t get internet and you’ll just have to wait until she’s born to hear anything! Sorry if that’s the case.

Today is not only going to be Ceili Rain’s birthday (I’m praying we don’t go into tomorrow) but it is also the day when Mark’s family and Mark and I will be remembering a very special person in his life, his grandmother. I asked Mark on Tuesday if he wanted to reschedule the induction when we found out the funeral was going to be today. He was pretty set with not rescheduling it. His reason being that we would be celebrating two dear lives…one coming into this world and one going on to heaven.

His grandmother that passed was “spunky” to say the least. I loved her out there personality and while she could seem a little strong minded…she loved her family dearly. I got to know his grandmother while we were dating and it was during this time that she began to lose her sight and her hearing was pretty well gone. However, her strong will and independence impressed me a lot. She also made beautiful doilies (I think crocheting them…however, I’m domestically challenged so forgive me if I’m wrong). I have several of her gifts around the house and feel very blessed to have these treasures. When she found out I loved purple roses, she was ecstatic when her green thumb produced one in her garden and lovingly shared a bloom with me. I have also been blessed with two gardenias from her garden…however long I can let them live. I am very grateful I was able to get to know his grandmother and love her.

So, while we are all praying for a safe/healthy labor and delivery of Ceili Rain please remember Mark and his family as they remember the life of his dear grandmother.

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