Life around here…

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because there wasn’t much to post on. Our normal busyness and no one has been sick…at least I thought.

Mark got home and asked me if Ace felt warm to me. I checked him and he was running a temp. He also had a little bit of yummy potty stuff (okay diarrhea…not sure how etiquette goes in posting bodily functions but let’s just lay it all out there) this afternoon.

No MOPS, no church tonight. It’s going to be quiet around here as we all go through this bug (I really would like to believe it’s not a stomach bug but I have my doubts).

Besides that, Zoe and Ace had their ballet Christmas party yesterday and that was a lot of fun. Mark stayed home in the morning to watch them. That’ll be our last parents day in ballet until their last class…in January we start getting ready for The Roar of Love.

I finally broke down and got these baby cubes for Josiah’s baby food. I make all of his baby food and we travel a lot so I thought they would come in handy. They came in today (and I ordered them on Saturday…pretty good shipping I think). My initial review is that they are great. They tip over easy with very little or no food in them but they are nice and compact to carry out somewhere. I’ll cook some green beans tonight and see how they hold up in the freezer. Josiah doesn’t like them because they only hold 2 ounces and he just wants more and more and more. He eats until it’s pouring out of him…really. He does the same with nursing at times! Gotta love mushed up bananas. So far he’s had sweet potatoes, applesauce, bananas, and oatmeal. No objections from our little one on all fronts. I’m sure the beans will be a taste change but throw in a little sweet potato or fruit and he’ll be good to go.

That’s all for now I guess.

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