Masters Time…

I believe I posted in the fall that some friends graciously let us purchase their two Masters Badges for the practice rounds. My parents are the ones that actually purchased them.

Well, it’s Masters week here, and my parents came up on Sunday to go to the practice round on Monday. They were tempted many times to sell their badges, but choose to trek ahead, and go! When they got back in the afternoon, Mark and I went out there.

It started out kind of cool, but got warmer as we walked. Mark thought that power walking would be the best way to see the whole course…so that’s what we did. We also knew that my parents were tired and had to watch anywhere from one to four kids depending on how they napped that afternoon…and Josiah was due to eat in a few hours, so we booked it. I believe we walked across all the holes but didn’t actually get to see them all. Mark got to listen to quite a few of my silly remarks and we trekked like,

“Oh, those azaleas look just like mine…except mine were free.”
“Got a picture of a grown man in purple plaid pants…I’m done! Time to go home.”
“If I yell, ow, after someone says ‘fore!’ do I get a bunch of money.”
“Oooo, look, Master’s chocolate! Yum! Don’t throw the wrapper away, I can put it in my scrapbook!”

So, our total Master’s trip took about two hours, including travel. Not bad…my calves still are hurting, and I’m very glad I didn’t get up early that day to go to the gym!

We got to see Veejay Singh (I think I spelled that wrong) and Gary Player but that’s about all I know about golf. And no, we didn’t see Tiger Woods! Who cares!?!

As you can see, I’m not an avid golf fan…I’ll take yelling and cheering at a football game over golf! But it was really neat to see such a beautiful course. Oh, they even had air condition outside…okay, not really, it was air used to suck the water off the course. But it was blowing air out from vents just like air condition. I would have loved to be where the action was…we heard several cheers and yells…but, alas, no time…gotta move it quickly across the course!

See, we were there. Mark in front of a bunch of people who are in front of Amen Corner.

Amen Corner…or one of the holes there. Ain’t it purty!?!

My “souvenirs.” I was so excited about these. That’s my “commerative” cup and my wrapper from my chocolate.

A lot of people!!!

See the guy in the purple plaid pants! Not sure who he is. I never saw his caddy.

Meean or Meehan or someone??? swinging.

Gary Player practicing putting.

Amen corner again! Just beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Masters Time…

  1. I really don’t like you guys right now, so I’ll just leave it at that and not say the nasty things that come to mind. You’ve got kids and all.

    Actually maybe I should be nice so you’ll give those to me next time around. Ya’ll are the best! Give me your masters badges.


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