My plans

My plans for today included getting up and grabbing breakfast (since we had no milk, oj or eggs) and head to the gym. Then after the gym, go to Wally World for our monthly grocery run and to restock on the weeklys (bread, milk, oj). Then we would head home happy and content and fix lunch then clean up and head to bed for naptime.

However, plans change.

Liam woke up this morning with a fever. This is on top of his runny nose that has been going on for almost two weeks. So, we skipped the gym and headed straight to the big store for groceries and drugs.

Monday while we at Josiah’s check up, Dr. B checked Liam’s ears again since he was still runny. His ear had clear fluid in it but no signs of an infection. She started out saying that we could bring him in if he didn’t get better or if he started running a fever, then she decided to just write out teh prescription if we needed it. Needless to say, we needed it and now he’s on zithromax. I feel so bad for him. He feels really yucky and you can tell. I’ve tried motrin and it didn’t keep the fever down long so we’ve added tylenol into the rotation.

Sick season has started in our house!

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