NF Walk 2016

Made it to November!  Woo hoo!  We had a great first walk and can’t wait until this year.  I think it was so wonderful because of everyone who came together.  This started out with an idea between three friends and grew to include several NF families in our area who our family got to know and love.
One of my favorite pictures.  My super hero walking with two pretty amazing sidekicks.  Who else can claim to be best buddies with Queen Elsa? Or Ariel?  Emmie loves Ariel because she has pink hair.  
We had lots of local high school students volunteer to face paint.  They were so talented! Our NF Hero getting her medal. We were thrilled that we had all three of our local news networks come out to interview and tape our walk!  

A small brag on myself. Well, we wanted balloon columns but were slightly worried about putting forth the cost.  Mark and I watched videos and he built a column for me.  We got these put together the day of the walk.  Totally fun and only a little nerve wracking with the balloon pops.

We had lots of great donations of food, goodies, and time.  Costco donated a gift card.  The Singing Princesses donated their time.  Wild Wing Cafe, Chick-fil-a, and Southern Beverage Company donated very yummy food.

We had corporate sponsorships from Remodeler’s Warehouse and Flack Family Chiropractic.

Our teams worked hard to raise funds and we were able to get over $7000 in donations.  Not bad for our first walk!

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