Object Lessons from Ace

The other night, we were having dinner and Ace was in one of “those” moods. He demanded more ketchup and when no one answered, he decided to ask for ketchup. However, he still had plenty of ketchup on his plate. He had taken a fry moved the ketchup around and then asked for more. Mark told him that he couldn’t have more but when he ran out of ketchup he would get more. Ace felt perfectly sure that he deserved more ketchup because he had smeared what he had around on the plate so that it didn’t look like so much. He pitched a fit. He left the table. He cooled off. And while he was cooling off I looked at Mark and said, “How often do we do that?”

How often do we take what God has given us and spread it out and then demanded more? See, I only have a three bedroom house…if I cram more “stuff” in to it, there’s not enough room for anything else…I WANT MORE GOD!

I guess we live in a day where we think we deserve more. However, what God has given us is enough! I’m learning, since the “ketchup” incidence to be content with what I have today. My babies, my house, my busyness, my wonderful husband. Content because they were all given to me by God. He knows better what I need and what I can handle. He only gives me what I need and what I can handle. So, I’ll be content in him.

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