October 2016 Randoms

Our picture life in October was fairly low key. We were focused on getting our school up and going, planning for an NF Walk and just enjoying being a family of eleven. Have you ever seen the Keva Planks?  We saw something similar at a homeschool convention, loved it, and found these planks.  We have had them for several years and they go in cycles of wanting to get them down and build everything.  Silas had a blast with them on this cycle.
Nothing like selfies with daddy. When you reach a certain age of dishwashing, there is a rite of passage that goes down in our house.  We call it the “YouDid” secret.  Because of privacy policies, I can not disclose what the rite of passage involves.  I can say that it involves a story of how a simple pot cleaner became known as YouDid.  The rest is on a need to know basis. Emmie sat in a lawn chair in the driveway at our street party.  She leaned forward.  Her head met the pavement. This bruise made me sick to look at, but we were so blessed that she just had a nice little toddler bump. Silas loves catching lizards.  Thankfully, our property is covered in them! This is what we did…go to a trampoline park (this was not our first trip).  Mark had to leave early for work.  As our hour was up, we started heading out.  I was busy making sure people had shoes on and buddy hands and all of their stuff.  By the time we got to the parking lot, Zoe let out a giant scream.  She was going for a split on her last jump and her foot caught underneath her.  Leg moved.  Foot didn’t.  After x-rays and a week of rest, she was as good as new.  Once again, she managed to avoid a break.  But it was a high ankle sprain.

Zoe let me do her hair!  I have to document when these things happen.

Sometimes cuddling on the bed reading, is just what the doctor ordered.

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