Of Planes and Trains

Finally!  I’m getting down to actually blogging about our first international flight.  So, sit tight.  I’m going to try and break it up in to four posts…Flying (and riding), Ukraine, Venice, and the kids back home.  Mostly, it’ll be pictures with some stories thrown in for good measure.

IMG_20151107_163258881 This was before our nine hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  IMG_20151107_154406064 Did you know that the Atlanta International Terminal has a Varisty.  Oh yes they do!  Oh yes we did!IMG_20151107_162104203

Our plane.

Nothing too exciting happened on our flights.  There was a lot of turbulence going over.  That meant that the middle-of-the-night flight was not full of peaceful sleep for me.  Mark slept great though.  I was dragging by the time we got to Germany and then got to deal with a lovely selection of a pat down.  I felt mighty sorry for the security officer as she pulled off my boots that had been on for nine hours.

IMG_20151115_084218009 Flying in to Germany.  Beautiful ya’ll!  Just beautiful!IMG_20151115_042007554 The Ukrainian airport had two cute little play areas for children.  Genius people.

IMG_20151108_101843463_HDR Germany.
IMG_20151108_022639044 After our nine hour flight.  I got a short nap in Frankfurt and  short nap to Ukraine.IMG_20151107_163928386

I love flying above the clouds.  The formations one can see are just breathtaking.

We were in Ukraine for about a week.  Since my birthday fell during our trip Mark figured out a way for us to sight see in another place as well.  He gave me a choice.  I chose Venice.  Really and truly, if you have to pick a city anywhere on mainland Europe to visit for one day.  Choose Venice.

Then Mark had a great idea.  Let’s go to Venice by train!  Oh my ya’ll.  We went through Germany, Austria, and Italy.  The hills were definitely alive with the sound of music.

This was our first long train ride.  We enjoyed every minute of the eight hour trip but were definitely ready to find a bed and crash by the time we go to Venice.

IMG_20151115_091522298 Our first train to make the connection to the longer one.  This was like a metro station and we’re still not sure how we got to it and on it without a single person checking for our tickets.IMG_20151115_090934781

Mark is the photographer, but I got one of him!

IMG_20151115_162004914 I give you the Austrian Alps!
IMG_20151115_161940081 And vineyards.  Oh my…as soon as we entered Italy every single hilltop, mountain, and valley was covered with vineyards.  It was gorgeous.DSC_3799 And Germany had castles.  It blew our minds to just look out a window and see a castle.DSC_3796 DSC_3795 DSC_3789 Gorgeous little towns were everywhere.
DSC_3785 And more castles.DSC_3776 And Alps.DSC_3773

Hey look!  Another castle!

IMG_20151115_161530551 Mark got to take a nap.  He really was napping not digging for gold.  I promise.  Our cabin mates can attest to it.  If they spoke English.   I read and stared out the window.IMG_20151115_133630119

Waiting on food in the dining car and enjoying the scenery.  This is my relaxation face.  We may have only been in Venice for one full day but we enjoyed every second of it.

And now your food posts for the train.

IMG_20151115_135654460 An apple and vanilla cream dessert.  Yummy.IMG_20151115_133958024 Mushroom Goulash and Potato Pancakes.

Chicken Salad


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