On Parade

We decided to try out our local Christmas parade early December.  We got there early, set up shop and enjoyed playing.DSC_3951 My children are playing and not arguing…oh be still my heart.

DSC_3953 Books are good to read while you wait.DSC_3954 Emmie just enjoys the chips.

IMG_20151205_122003831_HDREager anticipationDSC_3957 Here they come!DSC_3967 It’s safe to say that Emmie hit the jackpot at the parade.  A couple of floats were handing out stuffed animals and one sweet float rider ran back to Emmie to hand her a little stuffed lion.  That lion has joined her menagerie and gets lots of hugs on various occasions.

We had a wonderful time!  The best part was that it was five minutes from our house and not crowded at all.  Oh, and the drums, floats, and candy.  The kids came home with a gallon size bag of candy.

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