Our Zoo at the Zoo

We took advantage of our zoo membership and took part in the Members’ Night festivities.  Our local zoo plans these member nights three times a year and they are always a treat and less crowded for our crew.

We thought Y the Brave had been to a zoo before because he lives in a city where there is a zoo.  But, he told us over and over that he had never been.  It was so much fun watching his excitement over seeing the animals up close.  DSC_2266 Spot our bunch…I have to say tie dye shirts are my favorite family shirts so far.  They were a lot of fun to make and easy to spot.DSC_2268 New sea otters exhibit is so interesting!DSC_2270 DSC_2271 DSC_2272 But, Emmie loved the bears.  She “oooohed” over them the most.DSC_2274 DSC_2276 DSC_2284 A volunteer singing about koalas.  We can’t call them koala bears now.DSC_2287 Feeding the Lorakeets.  They were so full from the whole day of eating but we managed to get them to take a bite or two.DSC_2295 DSC_2298 DSC_2299 Flamingo impersonation.DSC_2313 Y the Brave told us that he wanted to see elephants most of all.  I think he was thrilled when he got to see them.  But the smell…well, it always knocks us all off our feet.DSC_2315 A bunch of Characters in a small train car.  Mostly all smiles.

DSC_2321 Rock wall climbing.  I was a bad mama and forgot to open the flash so half the pictures were unrecognizable.DSC_2330 Zoe and Ace were proud of their checkerboard accomplishment.DSC_2334Here’s the traditional family portrait with the lions.

IMG_20150724_200957330_HDRThis is our family,our neighbors next door and our neighbors across the street.  Right now, we have twenty kids between our three families (we have some amazing neighbors who are foster parents!).  I can’t remember how many are in this picture though.  Pretty close to that number, I believe.

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